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CEO Clubs is the world’s leading international membership organization of Business Owners, Company Presidents, Managing Directors and Chief Executives who are heading the operations of their company and want to grow their businesses, as well as Chairmen of Boards.

The annual sales of business must be above N500 million. CEOs of younger and dynamic companies can become members as long as there is a minimum of N250 million in annual sales and a proven organizational structure that meets international standard. Exception to this requirement can be occasionally allowed in the case of founding members to 5 percent of its membership. In order to be accepted for membership, a candidate must present recommendations from two CEO Clubs Nigeria members.

CEO Clubs Nigeria will enable you enter or expand your business around the world through the most effective networking and business development forums, events, gatherings, hospitality functions and the most dynamic and interactive online community in the World!

Steve Case, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and some China’s top CEO’s are just some of the people who have benefited from CEO Clubs membership, as many mergers and acquisitions have been created through the last 30 years. This is one of the benefits of being a member, but there are many reasons why you would want to be part of the World’s largest business group. A CEO Clubs Nigeria member in good standing is a welcomed guest at any regular meeting in any other CEO Clubs chapters worldwide. CEO CLUBS MEMBERSHIP IS BY INVITATIONONLY!


  • CEO Clubs have more than 13,000 exclusive CEOs members worldwide from all industries.
  • CEO Clubs membership equals business success.
  • Expand your business with CEO Clubs Nigeria.
  • Business to Business Networking.
  • Linking your business with businesses in the USA, UAE, UK, China, Middle East, India, Greece, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Africa, Vietnam, Singapore and other countries.
  • Get connected with a world of business opportunities.
  • Bringing Global Business and Investment opportunities at your doorstep.
  • Attend Exclusive Business networking events in other countries and territories.
  • Special VIP Invitations for local and International business & commercial events.
  • Business meetings for CEO CLUBS NIGERIA members with Public and Private Officials.
  • Be part of International CEO Clubs business delegations and CEOs Group meetings all over the world.
  • Exclusive Seminars & Training sessions only for CEO CLUBS NIGERIA members by internationally recognized speakers.
  • Get connected & do business with business leaders in your industry locally and internationally.
  • Assist & Find the right partner for your business locally and internationally.
  • Regular monthly business Meetings locally and internationally.
  • CEO Clubs Nigeria platform can be used by members for launching & promoting their business locally and internationally.
  • Consulting Services for setting up specialized companies or businesses in Nigeria or Internationally.
  • Research, Reports, Market Data, Business Contacts Worldwide.
  • Access to exclusive clubs in many International cities.
  • Access to the Top Tier Business contacts worldwide.
  • Network with fellow CEOs in other regions of the world. CEO Clubs membership is by Invitation only

CEO Clubs Nigeria membership is in three categories;


CEO Business & Trade Missions
CEO Advisory Services
CEO Health Plan
CEO Protection System
CEO Platinum Card
CEO Stamp of Quality & Endorsements
CEO Recreation System
CEO Lobby & Contact System
CEO Fund
CEO Welfare & Retirement Scheme
CEO Spouse Scheme
CEO Children Scheme
CEO Research & Documentation Initiative
CEO Hall of Fame
CEO Background Check Initiative
CEO Souvenirs & Mementos