About Us

Our Vision

To be the pre-eminent business association in Nigeria, offering her members exclusive and prestigious products and services, designed to enhance their global competitiveness and profiles.

The Nigerian chapter of CEO Clubs Network was established in July of 2013 to offer business leaders  a unique platform for knowledge and business exchange, through organized forums, Circle meetings, social events and special business delegation visits, fostering a  learning and business networking environment, ideal for CEOs with a sharing and extroverted mentality who are in quest for growth and excellence.

The Chief Executive Officers Clubs Nigeria, is the premier business networking club for Chief Executive Officers in Nigeria, which provides members access to international markets; introduce foreign enterprises to the domestic market; provide opportunities for mergers and acquisitions worldwide; explore collaboration and business opportunities with other members worldwide; set up one on one meetings with key businesses in all industries worldwide; provide members with free access to seminars, conferences, summits and other events locally and internationally; assist members find and promote their businesses globally; assist members expand their business with maximum financial results; network members with renowned global business leaders, thinkers and researchers; and use its unique position to leverage members with national and international political leaders. CEO Clubs Nigeria holds regular exclusive events in Nigeria and other cities of the world, providing platform for international business leaders to meet their Nigeria counterparts for mutually beneficial exchanges.

As the national chapter of the over US$1 trillion networking association of global CEOs, the CEO Clubs Network is the World Largest Business Networking Club, an over three decades old by invitation only membership organization. CEO Clubs Nigeria exclusive members get connected with over 13,000 CEO’s & High Executives from all industries in Nigeria and Worldwide. Over the past few decades the CEO Clubs have attracted members from Prominent local & International business communities including government organizations. The Chief Executive Officers Clubs create a nurturing environment or CEOs dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth.

CEO Clubs Nigeria is completely focused on business development therefore offers unique opportunities to grow your business internationally. CEO Clubs Network have overseas chapters all over the world and has taken business delegations & organized exchange events between USA, China, India, UAE and other countries. Gradually it started other chapters in different parts of the world.

And now CEO Clubs Network chapters are and have links with CEO’s in USA, UAE, UK, China, Russia, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Greece, Romania, Namibia, Turkey, Germany, Lebanon, Morocco, and other national chapters in establishment.

CEO Clubs Nigeria members are positioned to get access to fellow members in the International market, introduce foreign enterprises to the domestic market, create a favorable International business environment for its members, expand their social resources and strive for a win-win result. Through our members network we hold regular exclusive events in Nigeria and also other cities of the world to provide a platform for International businessmen to meet local business communities and expand business network to other countries of the World.

Once a CEO Clubs Nigeria member, we introduce member business to our exclusive elite member network in Nigeria and other parts of the World. Only CEO Clubs Network members are invited and promote their business in our exclusive network members gathering & events in Nigeria and Other Parts of world. We look forward welcoming Local and International successful elite business communities to be part of CEO Clubs Nigeria, an Elite Business Networking Club helping you grow your business.

Our Values

  • Exclusivity: Membership is targeted to recognized business leaders who yearn quest for personal & professional development and have an international and generally open mindset
  • Openness/Trust: The club builds on a mutual understanding of its members and complete adherence to confidentiality matters
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences through Roundtable meetings and National Advisory Council (NAC) services and consultancy
  • Extroversion: To go beyond geographical and personal boundaries

Our Mission

To support the growth of its members in their roles as business leaders through education, local and global networking, strategic alliances and partnerships.

The objective of growing members’ business and leadership skills is achieved through

  • Strengthening the leader’s personal brand and “industry signature”;
  • Exposure of leaders by being speaker at the Club’s event and being invited as speakers by other high impact associations affiliated with the Club;
  • Development of new key business and personal contacts locally and internationally;
  • Gaining from sharing experience from peers and peer review programs;
  • Infusion of extroversion through the Club’s global nature;
  • Learning new, innovative leadership models and best practices;
  • Privileged access to a series of exclusive services such as Executive Coaching, special Wellness services, exclusive VIP memberships for luxury resorts and special offerings from other members and partners of the Club.

Membership Form

Download the membership form, fill, scan and email back to us 

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